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Juvenile Law Dependency
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A Dependency action can be a long and tedious process in the state of Georgia. Once a child is taken into DFACS custody, within 72 hours, the Juvenile Court must have a Preliminary Protective Hearing ("PPH"). A PPH is simply a probable cause hearing to determine if there is enough evidence to label the children dependent. A Dependent child is one who has been "abused or neglected"; has been placed for care or adoption in violation of the law; or is without his or her parent, guardian, or legal custodian under O.C.G.A. §15-11-2(22). After the PPH, DFACS has five (5) days to file a Dependency Petition. Within ten (10) days after the petition has been filed, there will be an Adjudication Hearing or the "10 Day Hearing". Then, there will be another hearing within 75 days of the children being taken into care. You will need an experienced attorney to help you navigate through this process to get your kids back.